Women’s Leadership Council

The Women’s Leadership Council is the TGH Foundation’s initiative to engage women who want to become more involved with TGH and who want to make a greater impact with their philanthropic support of the hospital.

The purpose of the Women’s Leadership Council is to inspire women to use their power as philanthropists to improve and advance the health care provided to our patients at Tampa General Hospital.

Members contribute $1,000 annually and the collective funds are allocated to programs or projects selected by the membership. At the third (last) meeting of the year, members vote on how the funds are used. All funds go toward the projects, not toward any administrative expenses.

Membership Benefits:

  • By pooling their funds together, the women as a group can create a greater impact with their contribution, than each would make individually.
  • The Women’s Leadership Council provides a unique opportunity for women to become involved and learn more about TGH and network with each other.

Membership is open and renewable annually.

At the October 2012 meeting, 12 funding requests were presented to the membership for the $95,000 that was available. The members voted to fund the following projects:

  • Patient Recovery System for Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Portable Monitor for Respiratory Function
  • Shampoo Sinks and Chairs for the Rehabilitation Center
  • Helping Through Hearing
  • MRI CinemaVision A/V System
  • Breast Pumps to Promote Use of Mother’s Own Milk

PNC Bank is the Corporate Sponsor of the Women’s Leadership Council and their generous support allows every dollar contributed by the membership to go towards funding projects.

For more information on the Women’s Leadership Council, please call 844-3528, or join now by selecting Women’s Leadership Council in the Gift Designation dropdown menu.

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