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A Certified Stroke Center Addresses All Types of Strokes

A certified stroke center is a facility that has the specialized staff, technology, and services necessary to provide prompt, round-the-clock, and multi-faceted care for people who have experienced a stroke. Tampa General Hospital has earned Comprehensive Stroke Certification, the highest national designation, by the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program due to all the resources that we direct toward stroke treatment. In fact, we are the first hospital on the west coast of Florida to receive this designation.

As a certified stroke center, Tampa General can complete a number of surgical emergency interventions to address an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, including:

  • Medication-based clot removal – a catheter is inserted into an artery and moved to the brain, where it can be used to deliver medications to break up the blood clot at the location of the stroke.
  • Mechanical clot removal – a catheter containing a tiny device is inserted into an artery and threaded toward the brain; the device can remove or break up the blood clot.
  • Angioplasty and stent placement – for a narrowed artery, our surgeons can use a small balloon to expand the artery and may implant a stent to help the artery remain inflated.
  • Endovascular coiling – when an aneurysm is the cause of a stroke, our surgeons can use a catheter to insert tiny coils into the aneurysm to prevent blood from flowing into it.
  • Surgical clipping – we can place a small clamp at the base of an aneurysm to prevent it from re-bleeding or bursting, which could cause another stroke.
  • Surgery arteriovenous malformation (AVM) removal – our team can remove an unusual connection between arteries and veins in the brain to lower the risk of a hemorrhagic stroke in the future.

In addition to our surgical intervention strategies, our certified stroke center offers several preventive strategies to reduce our patients’ odds of having another stroke. We even implement our physical, occupational, and speech rehabilitation programs as soon as possible to help patients retain and regain as much brain function as possible following a stroke.

If you think you’re experiencing a stroke -  call 9-1-1 right away and ask to be taken to your nearest certified stroke center immediately. Remember that when it comes to strokes, time lost is brain lost.