Tampa General Staffing and Referral Incentives

To fulfill our mission as one of the safest and most innovative academic medical centers in the country, we must be aggressive and develop new strategies to cultivate, hire and retain top-level talent. And we are doing just that. In fact, many of our new initiatives have already gone live. Tampa General is also offering a generous recruitment and referral incentive bonus, where you can earn up to $15,000! Details can be found here.


  • Instituted a $15 million compensation market adjustment, positively impacting over 4,500 team members

  • Leveraged agency and traveler support in many specialties to offset vacancies and support new growth

  • Geotargeted social media campaigns advertising Tampa General’s open positions across all 50 states, targeting clinical and non-clinical roles

  • Expedited workforce review and approval process for budgeted backfill positions

  • Held numerous virtual RN, PCT/MAT, and support services hiring events

  • Participated consistently at local and statewide virtual and in-person recruitment events targeting new grads, our transitioning military members, technical school students and more

  • Implemented an RN sign-on and referral incentive plan through which we offer $5-$10k to new hires and team members for their referrals to eligible units

  • Convened a Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee to help bring solutions forward

  • Conducted a detailed review of voluntary separations and exit interview data to learn critical reasons for team members resignations

  • Launched Project Re-Recruit, an aggressive recruitment of voluntary separations over the past 14 months to welcome team members back to Tampa General


  • Develop a partnership with an international nursing recruitment firm that will allow us to onboard experienced nurses over the next six to twelve months, with particular emphasis on team members from Canada and the Philippines

  • Explore other international recruitment efforts, such as Medical Technologists

  • Launch a social media campaign that shares #WeAreTGH and highlights team member connection to our Mission, Shared Purpose and Values. It will include stories of professional growth, benefits, a sense of belonging, and so much more.

  • Provide leadership recruitment business cards that will allow team members to help recruit new colleagues while they are out in the community (grocery stores, restaurants, shopping, etc.).

  • Expand training programs to ‘grow our own’ team members, including establishing a new PCT training program and increasing capacity for four (4) RN training programs

  • Conduct ongoing compensation reviews and moving toward a minimum pay rate of $15 per hour

  • Establish innovative recruitment partnerships in and out of the state and events to meet our talent where they are--more to come on this project

  • Redesign the career landing page in collaboration with Tampa General’s marketing department to provide pertinent quick, and digestible information



To enhance recruitment and retention efforts, Tampa General Hospital will offer a recruitment and retention incentive beginning October 4, 2021 and continuing through November 15, 2021 that will focus on hiring Clinical Nurses, PCT, Nurse Techs, and EVS aide team members. RN vacancy rates for departments will be evaluated monthly to determine eligibility for bonus level. 

Together, we will continue to grow into a world-class academic health system by investing in and recruiting top talent. For additional questions, email the TGH Recruitment Team at JoinOurTeam@tgh.org.

Eligible Positions*: Clinical Nurse | RN Regular & RN Premier | Environmental Services Aide | PCT
/ Nurse Tech

  • *Members of Leadership, Human Resources, and Providers (i.e. Physicians (MD/OD), APPs, Pharmacists) will not be eligible for the Referral Bonus

Vacancy Levels:

 Level 0: 0-15% RN Vacancy

Level 1: 15% Vacancy

Level 2: 20% Vacancy

Level 3: 30% Vacancy

 Progressive Care Unit 

Observation Unit 1F1-2

Women's Center Pre & Post 

Clinical Resources

 Med Surg ICU 6F

Cardiovascular Telemetry 3H1

Transplant 2 9F1 

Global Emerging Diseases Institute 

 Surgery Trauma 8C2

Infusion Center 

Women's Center OR 

6K Operating Room 

 3F Operating Rooms

Short Stay Center 2H1 

Complex Medicine 2 6A2 7A2 

Main OR

 Transplant 1 7F & 8F

Neuroscience 1 9A1 

Medical ICU 6E&G 

Emergency Department 

 CV Cath Lab

Mother Baby Unit 4F2-3 

Primary Care 8A2 

 NICU South

Neuroscience 2 9A2 

6K Pre Post 

 Pre-Op Center

Brandon Healthplex ED 

Complex Medicine 1 6A1 

 Vascular ICU 9C2

 Oncology 2 7C2 

 Burn Center 6C2-3 

 Labor and Delivery 4K1-5

 Admit Hold ICU 1J2 & 1J3 

 Joint Replacement Center 7A1 

 Acute Care for the Elderly 6C1

 Adult Dialysis-Apheresis Unit 

 CVTOR Pre Post 

 Pediatrics Medsurg 5E1 5F1

 Primary Care 8A1 

 Cardiac Telemetry Unit 5A1-2 

 Neuroscience ICU 1 5K3-5K4

 Medical ICU 2 5C1 & 5C2 

 Specialty Surgery 6K4-5 

 Critical Care Rotation Program

 NICU North 

 Cancer Care Infusion (TGMG Riverview) 

 Cardiac Vascular Transplant Surgery

 Nursing 4R 

 Adult ICU Stepdown 5A 

 CV Pre Post Procedure

 Surgical Trauma ICU 5K1-2 

 Observation 1J1

 Pediatric Day Hospital 

 Pediatric Dialysis Center

 Vascular Surgical Acute Care 

 Ante Postpartum 4A1-3

 Cardiac Vascular Transplant Surgery 

 Endoscopy Center

 Coronary Care ICU 2D1 & 2D2 

 Vacular Access Team

 Cardiothoracic ICU 3D1-2 

 3F Pre Post

 Neuroscience ICU 2 5K5 

 Oncology 1 7C1 

 Team Member Health Clinic 

Total Bonus Amounts for Clinical Nurses, RN Regular & RN Premier

 Level 0

Level 1: 15% Vacancy

Level 2: 20% Vacancy

Level 3: 30% Vacancy

TGH Team Member Making the Referral





New Team Member






Total Bonus Amounts for Environmental Services Aides, PCTs, and Nurse Techs

Bonus Amount

TGH Team Member Making the Referral


New Team Member



Amounts shown are before taxes and 403(b) contribution if applicable.